Friday, 11 March 2016


So last February it was Carnival week here in Trinidad and Tobago. 
Carnival is usually celebrated in schools as well as in parades on the street. 
We also get a public holiday on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.So the Friday before some schools celebrate by having Calypso and Soca performances and having  inter house, inter class and/or inter form competitions .This year for Form Two, I was allowed to make the costume for my Form. The character we got was the ' Fancy Indian ' the Traditional Mas character was based on the Indians from North America. Here are the pictures of the final costume which one of my best friends wore in the performance:

This is a picture of the sketch of the costume. 
unfortunately I did not have enough time to make the belt

                 This is a picture of the cape while I was screen painting the cape on the floor
                                        This is the top of the standard ( something that is held in your hand that you dance with eg. flag)
                            The back with out the cape
                                      The sides

                                     The cape
                                                           The front

                                                            A close up of the cape


This is one of my best friends Chelsea who goes to school with me she portrayed the character for judging;)

I would like to say that there was no way this costume could have gone up on stage with out the help and support of my parents,all of my family and of course all of my amazing class mates who stood up for me.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

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For many years now ( At least 5 ) I have been making jewelry it all started when I went on vacation with my family and my mom bought me one of those make it your self jewelry sets. When I went home. I decided to not follow the instructions on the back ( goodness knows why ) and proceeded to fool around with it from there my love for jewelry making took off .
here I have decided to share some of  the pieces I have made over the last couple of months. I now do this as a small side business.

This is a piece of screen printing I did as a Parsons project. I used two yards of  brown cotton, Painters tape and screen paint. Apart from being a technical exercise I planed to use this as a wall hanging. 

Before I took off the tape.

 After I took off the tape.
Hi this is my new and first blog that i have created for my short course at Parsons School of Design.